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Work Cover, TAC, Accident

All specialists at CVIC manage orthopaedic care for patients involved in work related or road related injury. If you have sustained a broken bone, a soft tissue injury (including tendon or ligament tear), a dislocated joint, or other injury, we are available for consultation. 

Medicolegal reports

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Medicolegal reports can be developed in collaboration with our partners at Azure medicolegal.

Work related injuries

Work injury work cover workers compensat

Including capacity certificates, surgical care and rehabilitation referral to support you during the return to work period.

Road related trauma

TAC road accident road trauma road injur

Including TAC certificates surgical management and rehabilitation referral to help you on the road to recovery.

Certificate of capacity

Click here for the certificate required for work or road related accidents

Release of information

Click here for the TAC form required to lodge your claim

TAC website

Click here to access the TAC claims page

WorkSafe website

Click here to access the WorkSafe claims page

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